California’s Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI)

Clutch Service: Technology Innovation

After a recent mandate, California’s Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) connected with Clutch, requiring technological assistance for their Health Workforce Research Data Center (RCD). The RCD is the state’s central hub for health workforce data. With the mandate of Assembly Bill 133, all health professional licensing boards in California must collect and provide the RDC with core data about the health workforce they oversee.

Understanding the need for a system that would collect, warehouse, and analyze this data, the Clutch team aimed to provide invaluable insight to ensure the state policy and program evaluation are better informed. After completing data warehousing efforts, Clutch built groundbreaking dashboards for the RDC, adding vital tools to their processes. Released in December of 2023, these dashboards help identify areas of over/underrepresentation, differences in higher education pathways, and improve efforts that build a more diverse and effective workforce.

HCAI and its partners across the state can now explore and use this data to contribute to the state’s vision of an inclusive, innovative, and accessible health workforce. Clutch is continuing work with HCAI and is currently focused on releasing the next wave of data products slated for early 2024, which will continue to provide novel insights into California’s health workforce with a commitment to driving positive change in healthcare.

Check out the dashboards below:

Race and Ethnicity of California’s Health Workforce
Languages Spoken by California’s Health Workforce
Registered Nurse (RN) Education Pathways
Workforce Education Pathways