Human Connection

We are challenge warriors driven by human connection.
We want to see you succeed, empowering you to do what you do best by helping find solutions and fill the gaps.

Our Mission

To deliver unparalleled speed and quality to clients that are experiencing great change or rapid growth.

Working to match organizations with the support and resources they dream about, we support the goals and growth metrics of each customer, striving to fulfill their needs without friction and always with a smile.

Simply put, we come in Clutch!

Our Values


We are a people-first organization that thrives on meaningful connections, trust, and communication.

We believe in authentically showing up as yourself and in the care you take in creating relationships with others.


We believe that good people coming together to do good work can create great things.

We start with trust, which has deep roots in the power of authentic positivity and the chance to grow.


We take the initiative to succeed, facing challenges without hesitation thanks to the trust in our teams and from our clients to do our best.

We are motivated and excited about the opportunity to do great work.


We are ready, willing, and capable of letting go of past thoughts, ideas, and bias that hold us back.

We acknowledge when it is time to set aside ego, adapting to new ways of operating to allow us to show up as the best version of ourselves.


We believe the best path for growth is the transformative act of seeking to understand.

Coming from a place of positive intent, we build bridges, nurture connection, and foster learning by asking questions with empathy and authenticity.

Our mantra.
Our code.

The essence of our identity and purpose.

Every decision made is infused with integrity and directs how we operate daily. Through our values, we get things done.

Guiding Principles

Authenticity is key to our individual and collective success.

We believe that bringing together good people to do good work for good clients is a successful business model.

We take pride in our approach to serving clients—providing value by focusing on outcomes, not output. Following through, not just following up. Time is precious and making good use of it directly contributes to the well-being of our employees and our company.

We encourage curiosity and innovation because we operate from a place of positive intent.

We strive to foster a culture of belonging and empowerment, creating a team with diverse backgrounds, skills, and points of view who feel empowered, respected, and supported.

Philanthropic + Thought
Leadership Pillars

Supporting communities where we work and live is essential to Clutch’s core values; Connection, Drive, and Optimism. At the heart of Clutch, we are a values-based organization and find vital success in partnering with organizations that inspire positive change. We prioritize building impactful relationships with our clients and stakeholders and serve as stewards for organizations that align with our foundational philanthropic pillars.

Organizations that would like to involve Clutch in their event are encouraged to submit requests 90 days prior to their event date.

For all sponsorship and stewardship opportunities, please reach out to our Community Engagement team.

“We intentionally commit to putting community well-being, sustainability, and health at the heart of our culture. Valuing the energy and heart put into building a better world, we celebrate those who share in that commitment.”

— Anne Descalzo, Clutch Co-Founder

Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Supporting entrepreneurs in traditionally lesser- served/lesser-supported communities to help build a brighter business future.

Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Cultivating and supporting a thriving workforce pipeline creates a positive ripple effect across industries.

Individual & Organizational Well-Being

Individual & Organizational Well-Being

Investing in the well-being of individuals improves the well-being of an entire organization.

Join Our Team

Being excited to go to work shouldn’t be a rare occurrence, what if you could love your job?

Here at Clutch, people ARE THE HEART of all we do. The emphasis on WHAT we do from business consulting services offering has always been predicated on WHO we do it with. We hire people with vast skillsets and backgrounds, that are also culture cultivators and challenge enthusiasts.

Sound like something you want to be a part of? Check out our current openings.