CA Department of Public Health (CDPH)

Clutch Service: Communications

The California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) Office of Planning and Research contacted Clutch for communications support for an upcoming campaign that would require dedication and human connection woven throughout. Partnering with CDPH’s Office of Community Partnerships and Strategic Communications, Clutch team members collaborated closely on the Vaccine 58 campaign, navigating shifting intricacies with finesse. With nuanced terminology, shifting eligibility criteria, and evolving case rates, the team oversaw all facets of paid, earned, and owned campaigns. Extending beyond the conventional approach, the team utilized and managed social media influencers, created organic and engaging content, developed informative infographics, and meticulously drafted and provided feedback for radio and television scripts, ensuring cohesion throughout the campaign. From crafting compelling copy to expertly translating it, the Clutch team sought to support CDPH’s goal to connect with the community, breaking cultural barriers and empowering human connection.

Clutch Service: Project Management

Under California’s SMARTER plan, CDPH’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) team was tasked to develop innovation awards to improve Californians’ knowledge of Indoor Air Quality regarding the transmission of COVID-19. Connecting with Clutch, the two collaborated to establish and execute application and winner selection processes for an award that came in the form of an educational grant. Incorporating human connection throughout, the grant was offered to the Local Health Jurisdictions (LHJs) and its school districts, looking for ideas on how best to teach others about IAQ and the transmission of COVID-19. Through review and approval, the Clutch team helped determine multiple winners, one being San Luis Obispo, who submitted the idea for a children’s book. With the book now well underway being published and distributed across California, Clutch team members found success with CDPH’s IAQ team and are furthering work in other innovation award categories.

Clutch Service: Experience Management

CDPH’s Center for Infectious Diseases was launching a Digital Vaccination Record (DVR) system that would house vaccination data throughout California. With the complexity of the task, they turned to Clutch to drive the project to its success. Understanding the shifting parameters, the Clutch team provided weekly reporting to key stakeholders as the project expanded focus from only COVID-19 vaccine records to all vaccine records. Bringing their drive and optimism, Clutch team members audited millions of records, dedicating time and resources to ensure data reconciliation. With the new system and correct data in place, CDPH’s Center for Infectious Diseases was able to roll out CVR not only for the state’s use but also for the residents of California. Working with on behalf of the State throughout the project’s run time, Clutch ensured CDPH’s success in offering proper access to the DVR tool to all.

Clutch Service: Customer Experience, Program Management, and Business Process & Strategy

Understaffed and with tight deadlines, CDPH connected with Clutch in need of support with an existing COVID-19 vaccination call center. After evaluation, the Clutch team and CDPH’s Call Center team collaborated to implement new processes that would help the call center run more successfully, starting with hours of operation. In kicking off the new 12-hour day inbound operation, the teams could assess and bring about updated processes for call routing and managing vendor ticketing systems, equipping the call center team for success and efficiency. By evaluating pain points through human connection, collaborating to find solutions, and implementing new procedures, Clutch and the CDPH Call Center team brought awareness to policymakers and executive officers, further helping shape their decision-making for other call centers, allowing vaccines to reach providers statewide.

Clutch Service: Event Management

Wanting to give back and connect with their employees who worked as “COVID Response Heroes” during the COVID-19 pandemic, CDPH’s leadership sought Clutch’s Event Management expertise in curating an experience that would show appreciation to their staff for their efforts working through the pandemic and last couple of years serving the public of California. With the vision of hosting the event on-site and in person with nearly 150 CDPH staff, Clutch had a quick turn around creating a compelling invite, gathering RSVPs, securing a location and a catered meal, providing entertainment, and ordering supplies (including raffle prizes and other fun gifts for staff to take home) to develop a run of show.

Understanding CDPH had two main campuses (Richmond and Sacramento), the Clutch team chose a location in Fairfield (between the two campuses), providing buses to take staff to and from their respective campus. At the event, staff were treated to trivia, team-building activities, speeches of gratitude from CDPH leadership, and a lunchtime slideshow with CDPH staff’s testimonials and photo submissions showcasing their camaraderie working together through the pandemic.

Hosted by a Clutch emcee and facilitated by on-site Clutch event staff, the event was successful as it was not only on budget but also under the original quoted (and approved) price. CDPH’s staff and leadership shared in the celebration by sharing video testimonials on-site with their communications team, capturing the content and lasting memories. With the praise from CDPH’s leadership on the event management and turnout, Clutch has since been requested to host and produce multiple other event-planning activities, continuing to collaborate and celebrate CDPH’s outstanding efforts in supporting California’s communities.